Friday, May 6, 2011

~hey girl im sorry if that entry hurts you~

i tak tau apa yang sedang berlaku ok?
i dont know what is happening in your life..
how's your day..
how's your health
when will u got your surgery
where are you  and plenty of question dat i barely ask u everytime texting you on the fone.
please dont misunderstood me.
you seems like u pissed off..
hey.i just wanna keep the friendship ok?
no hard feeling and no offence~its the same rite~
eventhough we dont have that special any relationship no more.
i hope you understand that i still respect you as my friend.
so please dont be that harsh on me
im just a person with small heart
and im not ashame to said that cuz im being realistic.yes i have small heart.
the things is i just wanna give you the jersey..
and of course i will handed you the jersey by my own hand.
no offence..purely. i wanna say sorry if the entry hurts you.
my bad ..

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