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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~tenang-tenang je..tu yang aku cuba buat sekarang..^^

it really take a lot of guts to be such a patience person..
i swear to GOD..
it is so hard..
im not lying..
i give all my best to be patience..
and i really satisfied cuz it worth everything..
everything runs smoothly when i keep myself calm and rational.
when i feel like i wanna burst out or something...
i will close my eyes...
breath in and breath out..
later on...

"Ya Allah.."

dats all da word that i can say...
and truly i said..
i worth to say it rather than say


when i say Babi evrything just goes wrong
and its like throwing the petrol gas to the burning fire...

p/s: u know what i mean when it come to this word...

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